Street / Sanitation

Streets Department Information
The City of Woodruff Street Department is responsible for residential pick-up of debris including limbs, grass clippings, leaves, and light non-construction material. Limited garbage pick-up is provided for eligible businesses at a rate of $10 per trash can per month. Please contact the city to confirm your eligibility and set up service. The majority of the streets inside the City limits are owned by SCDOT. If you have a concern about the condition of streets or sidewalks, please contact us and we can direct you to appropriate agency who is responsible.

For Information concerning what debris can be picked up please click here.

Trash Pick Up Service

What day is garbage picked up at my address?

Pick up days are Wednesday (East side of town) or Thursday (West side of town) each week. Please be sure to put the garbage can on the curb the night before, pickup starts early in the morning. If the can is not out, the truck will NOT pick up. If the can is blocked for any reason it will NOT be picked up.

FYI- If for any reason you need to take your garbage to a Spartanburg County Recycling Collection Center, the local addresses are 150 Wofford Rd., Woodruff and 1493 Kilgore Bridge Rd., Woodruff.

Does the City Offer recycling services?

The city does NOT offer recycling services. Please DO NOT place any cardboard or other items on the ground beside the garbage can. **ALL cardboard boxes AND household garbage MUST be placed INSIDE the garbage can. **

Why didn't the truck driver empty my garbage can?

The driver will NOT empty your garbage if there is anything blocking the can/bin. The driver uses a mechanical arm to pick up the cans and this could cause damage to private property. Please ensure there are no vehicles, mailboxes or other items blocking or near the garbage can.

When does the truck come around to pick up yard debris?

Each Thursday is Debris Collection Day. Please refer to the Debris and Trash Collection Policy and Procedures. **Please note…It is not a guarantee every week the debris will be picked up, it could go into the following week or so. Please call 864-476-8154 with any questions. Please remember to bag leaves, grass-clippings and any small yard debris and place them on the curb for Thursday pick up.

FYI-If you have any items that need to be taken to the Landfill the address is 595 Little Mountain Rd., Wellford SC 29385.