Economic Development

The City of Woodruff is focused on enhancing the vitality of the community by capitalizing on growth surrounding the area and creating a vibrant environment for residents and visitors to enjoy. We strive to ease the process for developers and new businesses who are interested in expanding to our town. In order to prepare for future growth along the Highway 101 corridor, the City has received funds from the USDA to contribute to infrastructure upgrades. Other recent projects include a new water treatment facility in 2013 and the downtown McKinney Park revitalization in 2015-16. Developers and businesses interested in investing in Woodruff can work with City staff to get information on development facilitation, financial assistance, networking opportunities, and community resources. Festivals and events are hosted by the City each year to attract visitors to town and spread the word to surrounding communities that Woodruff is a great place to live, work, and relax.

Information on industrial and residential development: City Manager Lee Bailey- (864) 476-8154 extension 7 or

Information on downtown properties, resources for businesses, facade improvement grants, events: Community & Economic Development Director  (864) 476-8154